Here is a list of services we offer for our residential customers.

*Dust Throughout (blinds, window sills,vents, ceiling fans, light fixtures, crown molding appliances, knick knacks, Picture Frames etc.)


*Counter tops & Back splash

*Appliance Surfaces

*Shine Sink Tap and Faucet

*Clean Table and Chairs

*Microwave Interior & Exterior

*Vacuum and Wash Floor

Dinning Room/Living Room/Family Room

*Dust Furnishings and Decor Within Reach

*Dust Artificial Plants

*Dust/Clean Table and Chairs

*Vacuum/Clean Floors

*Dust T.V. (front and back)

*Empty Waste Baskets


*Showers, Tubs, Toilets, Sink, Vanity

*Step Stools, Tooth Brush Holders Ect.

*Hand Towels/ Wash Cloths Folded and Arranged

*Mirrors Cleaned

*Dust/Wash Baseboards and Floors

*Waste Baskets Emptied


*Dust Furnishings/Decor Within Reach

*Vacuum/Wash Floors

*Waste Baskets Emptied

Laundry Room

*Dust Exteriors of Washer and Dryers

*Vacuum/Wash Baseboards and Floors

*Waste Baskets Emptied


*Dust Blinds, Window Sills, Light Fixtures, Shelves

*Dust Furnishings and Decor Within Reach

*Clean Railing of Banister

*Vacuum/Wash  Stairs

*Waste Baskets Emptied

Move in/out, Extras

*Wet Wash Light Fixtures, Blinds, Ceiling Fans

*Dusting Blinds, Intake Vents, Shutters, Edges of Carpet

*Oven Interior Cleaned

*Refrigerator Interior/Exterior Cleaned

*Spot Wash Walls

*Cupboards, Closet, Drawer Interiors

*Window Interiors Including tracks

*Sliding Glass Doors Interior/Exterior and Tracks